Big Update for Love Live! School Idol Festival Adds Aquors


KLab, the team behind Love Live! School Idol Festival has added a new update to the game with some major revamping, as well as the addition of Aquors, the newer of the two Love Live! idol groups.

The biggest part of the update is the addition of Aquors. While many of the group’s songs have been playable for a while, the cast will now be added in full, with an entire story mode focused on Aquors. And good news for players who aren’t at the top – Aquors’ story mode is playable by everyone, regardless of your idol rank, allowing everyone to gain immediate access into Aquors’ story mode. Players will unlock Aquors songs based upon completing goals, which are independent of rank.

There are a number of other additions as well. To begin with, players can now switch between μ’s mode and Aquors mode. When playing in one group’s mode, using characters from that group will make players earn bonus points. Players will also be able to switch between an idol’s pre-idolized and idolized forms, allowing just that extra bit of added customization. Other quality of life additions will help players along; KLab made the total number of idol members 120 from the start, as opposed to the original 90, as well as the ability to pick a partner member that will appear at the menus and lead the player through the game as a guide.

Other additions include the new SSR rank of rarity, which falls between the SR and UR rarity, and reward boxes, which are rewards for players that complete a number of live shows. These come in a variety of rarities, and require higher scores to unlock higher ranked boxes. School Idol Skills have also been expanded upon, and now come into play during practices and Idolization.

And finally, for players that are experienced with the rhythm game, Expert mode has been added permanently to all songs, included A-side tracks which previously only had easy, normal, and hard difficulties. Alongside this, a new Master mode is being added to a specially selected four songs per month which will be more difficult than Expert.

It’s time to start powering through those new Aquors songs. Maybe we’ll get some A-RISE or Saint Snow in the future?

Love Live! School Idol Festival is a free-to-play mobile game, available on both Android and iOS.



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