Beginners Tutorial for Path of Exile: Betrayal Expansion

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Want to know about the Betrayal League in Path of Exile? Or maybe how to earn PoE currency and PoE orbs efficiently in the expansion? Have a look at our Betrayal guide for beginners to know more.

Here’s our full guide:

The Betrayal league is the all-new expansion for Path of Exile. Ever since its release, it has dominated streaming and social media platforms, with the game being the 9th most watched game on Twitch, a live streaming service in gaming. Altogether, Path of Exile has been a massive success for Grinding Gear Games. As the Diablo-inspired action RPG continues to grow, it’s no wonder new audiences keep trickling in. So what exactly is the new expansion about? How is it played out? How do you earn PoE currency and PoE orbs while taking it on?

Get to know all about that and more as you read our beginner’s guide for Path of Exile: Betrayal.

What is the Betrayal League?

You start off by assisting Jun Ortoi, the Veiled Master who is a member of the Order of the Djinn on her mission to uncover (and ultimately take down) a mysterious group known the Immortal Syndicate. She’ll be giving out missions to you that involve taking down members of this perilous group. This league will introduce new gameplay mechanics that will revolve around the Syndicate. Syndicate events will appear on most maps, so you’ll be able to either capture or kill one or more Syndicate members. You’ll be investigating a total of 18 members in a police-like board of suspects. It’s a refreshing new take on Path of Exile that goes beyond the usual gameplay we know like killing enemies, finding loot, and simply modding your equipment.

Where Do I Start?

First off, you should know that the Syndicate is a mysterious group who are on a mission to defeat Death. Meaning, they are trying to figure out a way to bring back the dead without turning them into the “undead”—ergo mindless zombies. Talk to Jun Ortoi as she’ll be giving you a mission to attack a small fortification. You can find this structure by the light green icon on your minimap. This means that there’s Syndicate activity going on in the area that you can check out. Once you reach the fort, hammer the wall down to kill the member inside. Once you beat them, you may start to approach them and either bargain with them or interrogate them. The basic idea is to explore areas that have Syndicate activity, look for members, and take them down in order to gain crucial Intelligence on the organization.

Where Can I Find Syndicate Members?

To interact with the Syndicate in the Betrayal League; you’ll need to go to the Divisions. The Divisions are comprised of four main types, with each representing the different operations within the group. You can find them in Syndicate fortifications, transportation of Syndicate resources, and safehouses where they conduct research. The organization, and this mechanic, is a bit hard to chew since there’s not a lot of information that’s thorough enough to explain what you’ll be doing. Essentially, the mechanics revolve around taking down members and uncovering their locations.

What Are the Four Types of Division?

The goal of this league is to gain Intelligence on each of these four Divisions. These four Divisions are Transportation, Fortification, Research, and Intervention. For Transportation, you’ll need to chase down convoys and take out their guards. For Fortification, smashing down a fortified structure of the Syndicate and killing the leader is what you’ll be doing. For Research, you will have to get inside the innermost area of the Safehouse and stop the leader there from destroying vital evidence that can let you gain Intelligence. And finally, Intervention is where an assassin will randomly appear to try to erase you, note that this will happen occasionally all throughout your progress.

I Finally Took Down a Syndicate Member, What Do I Do Now?

Once you’ve encountered a member and killed the boss off, you have several choices to choose from regarding what to do with them, with each of these choices having its own set of rewards such as PoE orbs and PoE currency. You can choose to Interrogate them to extract information from the Syndicate and gain Intelligence. You can also Betray them, which means you can turn a Syndicate member against the organization. Or you can Bargain with them, letting you gain special rewards for sparing their lives. And finally, you can also Execute them, but killing off a member is a risk-reward situation and they’ll ultimately come back.

Path of Exile is now available for Windows PC and Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. You can also find our thorough review for the base game here.



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