Become Humanity’s Last Captain in XO: A Retro Sci-fi Strategy Game

In XO, survival is the only option. Retreating means certain death. Colonization is impossible. Your only option is to survive and protect humanity as much as possible. as you are the last captain. This is the world of XO.

Jump Drive Studios, with the assistance of the Square Enix Collective, have taken to Kickstarter to promote their ambitious game, XO, for PC, Mac, and Linux. The game is a fast-paced RTS set in deep space, where the player is constantly facing opposition from an unknown alien enemy. To add to the urgency, players are the last captain of a fleet that consist of the very last remnants of humanity.

There is an advantage, however, as you are mobile, small, and quick. Through each mission, players will gather intel and resources on the enemy. The battle last as long as players want, until they deem it is time to evacuate the fleet. However, some friendly units may rise or crack under the pressures of imminent annihilation. XO consists of a political system, where military leaders offer advice and suggestions. it is entirely up to the player to heed their strategies or suffer unexpected consequences.

While they have been endorsed by the Square Enix Collective, they are not receiving financial support as the publisher is only helping them to promote the game and their public-funding efforts. The Kickstarter campaign has gone over its goal of $40,000 and is continuing into stretch goals. If you’re interested in backing XO, you can find it here on Kickstarter.

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