Beaver City Builder Timberborn is Now Available via Early Access

Timberborn is Now Available

Indie developer Mechanistry has announced Timberborn is now available for PC and Mac via Early Access, via Steam.

While Timberborn is now available, the game is in an early access state as the developer rolls out new content updates. Here’s a rundown of what to expect for the early access version:

  • Two playable beavers factions. – Folktails are the more nature- and farming-oriented of the two, while Iron Teeth favour rapid industrialization. Each faction looks and plays different, and has access to faction-exclusive buildings.
  • Droughts. –  The post-apocalyptic world alternates between temperate and dry seasons, with droughts becoming more frequent and threatening over time. Any gameplay limits are gone so let’s see how long your beavers can last.
  • Water-related gameplay. –  We know you like this one so we’ve expanded that quite a bit. We’ve added floodgates, a way to transport water to higher areas, depth markers, and more – oh, and the beavers are now able to swim, gather, and build underwater.
  • Scalable settlements. –  Districts are the new way of growing your beaver colonies. They make beginnings easier and add another layer of fun to later stages thanks to trading routes and migrations.
  • Timbertech and vertical architecture. –  There are many new buildings in the game, and with the new district system and the need to survive as long as possible, efficient space management is crucial. That’s why we’ve also implemented overhead bridges.
  • UI and localizations. –  Timberborn has a brand new UI and the game will be available in all 11 planned languages. This includes the Simplified Chinese, Korean, and Japanese translations missing from the demo. Thank you for your patience!
  • Map Editor. –  The game will come with a set of 7 new and updated maps built by us but you may create more. Our user-friendly map editor allows you to create new maps and edit existing ones. You can then share them with the community.
  • And more! –  The game looks better, has a beautiful soundtrack by Zofia Domaradzka, plays at much higher framerates, and received a lot of other improvements.

Here’s a new trailer:

In case you missed it, you can find a previous gameplay trailer for the game here.

You can find the rundown (via Steam) below:

Mankind turned Earth into a wasteland and perished, but some species survived and evolved. Choose one of the unique beaver families and see how long your colony can last!


  • River control – Endure catastrophic droughts thanks to millennia of experience in water engineering. Beavers of the future redirect rivers, put up dams and dig canals with explosives. But be careful, uncontrolled flooding is as deadly as a dynamite blast!
  • Lumberpunk – Turn timber into sophisticated machinery, buildings, and monuments. Wood is the core resource in Timberborn, but the most advanced structures require metal. To find it, send your scavengers to the ruins of the old world.
  • Vertical architecture – Create a thriving beaver settlement using a modular, vertical architecture system. Here, space isn’t infinite, so stack lodges and workshops on top of each other, cover hills with fields, and set up a power grid for your growing population.
  • Day and night cycle – Build a prosperous city with efficient production chains and beaverish nighttime activities. Follow the lives of individually simulated inhabitants throughout their day and celebrate when the next generation is born!
  • Wellbeing – Satisfy the needs of your colonists to extend their lifespan and make them happier. An evolved beaver’s lifestyle is not just “work, sleep and chomp on wood”. Balanced diet, decorations, temples, even carousels – you take care of it all.
  • Beaver societies – Unlock additional beaver families, each with unique style and traits. While one species might be okay working long shifts, another would rather focus on increasing the population – so choose what fits your playstyle.
  • Map editor – Play on one of the included maps or create your own and share it with the community! With green hills of different height, ruins scattered in the desert, and twisting rivers you will build dams on, each map poses a different challenge.
  • …and more! – We regularly add new features and iterate, based on the community’s feedback. We want to create a city-builder like no other, so stay in the loop and add Timberborn to your wishlist today!
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