Bazalth: Don’t Trust the Signs

Meet the Gloupsies.  They are a happy-go-lucky creature living on a far away planet.  The creatures live a carefree life except on the 28th of every month when demons come and destroy everything they have…I guess there life is not that care free and happy.

bazalth 4-24-2014 cover

Bazalth: Don’t trust the Signs is a top down action/adventure game being developed by Helium Games.  The game will be released for PC, Linux, and Mac and they are currently running a campaign to get the Steam Greenlight.

In Bazalth: Don’t Trust the Signs you play as a demon, where you try and save the Gloupsies and other life forms being terrorized by the demons.  Helium Games say there will be action, beat ’em up phases, and some puzzles.

bazalth 4-24-2014 demon

There isn’t much information about Bazalth, but they are making a serious push for the Greenlight on Steam.

If you like what you see, stop by and vote yes on Steam or visit them on their official site and check back for more updates on this title.

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