Bayonetta 3 Launches in 2022, New Gameplay Trailer

Bayonetta 3 Launches in 2022

Publisher Nintendo and developer PlatinumGames have announced Bayonetta 3 launches in 2022, finally solidifying a release window for the game.

Originally announced all the way back in 2017, fans have been waiting years for a sign of the game’s release. Thankfully the project has remained under development and as recently as January 2021, Hideki Kamiya was reassuring fans the project was still underway.

Alongside the news that Bayonetta 3 launches in 2022, a new gameplay trailer was released:

Here’s a rundown on the game:

Bayonetta, the enchanting witch who’s dressed to kill with her hand-and-foot guns, dominates angel and demon alike with action that is, to put it simply, beautiful.

Mysterious life forms appearing to be neither angel nor demon attack amid the ravaged streets of the Shibuya area of Tokyo, where Bayonetta then makes a graceful appearance. Why is she in Tokyo? And how far-reaching is the invasion of this new enemy?

See new gameplay elements like Demon Masquerade, where Bayonetta fuses with an Infernal Demon to wield even more formidable magic power, and Demon Slave, which lets Bayonetta control Infernal Demons at will to obliterate enemies.

The Bayonetta franchise is a beat-em-up action series following the adventures of the titular witch. Players make use of her magic, gunplay, and martial arts to fight eldritch monsters and other enemies.

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