Bayonetta 2 Multiplayer Details Revealed: Friend Invites, Bot mode, Multiple Difficulties, and more

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While we’ve known that Bayonetta 2 was going to include a multiplayer component of some kind, we still haven’t gotten any details – until now.

In a reveal by 4Gamer via Famitsu, the online portion of Bayonetta 2 actually sounds quite robust.

You can match up with random players online, invite a friend, or even play alongside bots. The stages in game vary between bosses, swarms of baddies, and even the time of day.

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You can bet Halos (the currency in game) during quick matches, which boils down to a competition to see who can score higher points in the same scenario.

You can use your earnings to buy new accessories, weapon variations, and of course – new techniques.

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The stages in game are shown on these “Verse Cards,” and you’ll have access to replaying all of the stages – that is if you own each one’s respective card.

Coming from this, difficulty in each stage can be tweaked to your liking, the higher ones demand more Halos to toggle on, but they’ll also give you way more in turn, should you complete them.

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We also learned more about “Tag Climax,” which is a multiplayer co-op mode enabling players to team up together as Bayonetta and Jeanne.

Tag Climax lets you choose your own character, and outfit them with whichever weapons and accessories you see fit. As you probably figured out, you can unlock more skills and equipment through Story Mode, which in turn will help make you a better partner in Tag Climax – hopefully at least.

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Bayonetta 2 is coming exclusively to Wii U this October.

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