Battlerite Royale Launches September 26th

Stunlock Studios have just announced the release date and new details for Battlerite Royale, the Battle Royale spin-off of their action MOBA, Battlerite.

The FAQ deals with a long list of questions Battlerite players have been asking ever since the Battle Royale mode was announced, including business model, new mechanics and tweaks to accommodate the genre shift, and why the mode is being split off as a second game. You can find the gameplay reveal for the new mode above.

Most notably, lethality has been increased and healing has been decreased across the board. To compensate, the Royale map will feature vendors and loot drops containing consumables for use in that match. The map will be littered with objects that players can interact with to gain bonuses as well. The Battlerite system has been overhauled too, and certain abilities have been altered from the original game.

Owners of the “All Champions” and “Ultimate Fan” packs will receive a coupon for 50% off Battlerite Royale, as well as a unique mount. Cosmetics will also transfer between both games. Stunlock Studios expects Battlerite Royale to be in Early Access for around six months.

The Early Access version of Battlerite Royale will cost $19.99 when it launches on September 26th, but will transition to free-to-play upon its final release.

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