Battle Liberty Corp. as the Genetically Enhanced Emily

Emily is another one of those Metroidvania games that is vying to get equal footing via funding on Kickstarter, but the small Florida-based studio at Pixel Worm is approaching the genre with something a tad different.

Featured above, you can view their Kickstarter pitch, the beginning of which is a gorgeous hand-drawn cinematic that is exemplary of the team’s dedication to the entire game sporting a completely hand drawn look.

Here are some of the key features for Emily:

  • Engaging 2D combat: Blast through an onslaught of diverse enemies while exploring huge labyrinthine levels
  • Upgradable abilities: Discover new weapons that will help Emily progress and overcome larger-than-life boss battles
  • Open exploration: Freely explore an interconnected post-apocalyptic world full of dark secrets, alternate quests, and memorable characters, all “Metroidvania” style
  • Compelling storyline: Unravel the mysteries of EMILY as she fights to save her father and defeat the corrupt shadow-government infecting the planet
  • Hand-drawn animation: EMILY features beautiful, hand-crafted animation and gorgeously rendered artwork by professional illustrators and animators with decades of experience in the entertainment industry
  • Integrated controller support: Enjoy EMILY with your preferred play-style, including support for both brand-leader controllers and natural keyboard controls
  • PC/Steam support: EMILY is planned to debut on Steam as well as DRM-free digital distribution websites before potentially arriving on alternate platforms

Pixel Worm is trying to get $60,000 dollars to make their game a reality. Right now they’re sitting at roughly $5,500 dollars, and they have about 18 days to go.

If Emily seems like the kind of game that you want to throw your money at, head on over to their Kickstarter. The game is also up on Steam Greenlight, so consider throwing a vote their way as well.

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