Drunken JRPG Bar Stella Abyss gets second trailer

Stella Bar Abyss

Nippon Ichi Software has shared the second trailer for Bar Stella Abyss, their new drunken roguelike strategy RPG for consoles.

Here’s a rundown on the game, plus the second trailer:

Game Overview

Exploration: Explore the “Drunk World” where you will reach the end of your sobriety

The Drunk World is said to exist in countless numbers like stars. The main character, Samayoi (or Wanderer), must explore the mysterious Drunk World in order to recover his lost face and arms.

The dungeons are dotted with facilities useful for exploration, such as observatories where players can obtain skills and stores where they can buy items. It is up to the player to decide which facility to proceed through.

If you meet Stellar Abyss regulars in the Drunk World, you can add them to your exploration team. With their help, you can explore the depths of Drunk World.

If you run out of energy in Drunk World, you will wake up in the bathroom of Stella Abyss. You will lose all items except your equipment, and your level will return to the initial state.

Combat: Turn-based simulation RPG

When you come into contact with a monster roaming the Drunk World, you are shifted to a map for battle on a mass scale. Combat proceeds in a turn-based simulation RPG fashion. Choose your actions paying attention to the compatibility and positioning of your enemies and the effects of the terrain.

Strengthen your character with the power of constellations.

While exploring dungeons, you may obtain “Stella,” the power of the constellations. Stella can be set to a character’s moves to enhance their performance by expanding their attack range, increasing their power, and adding effects that change the enemy or the terrain.

Stella appear randomly from about 130 types, and up to four can be equipped per technique, but all set Stella are reset when the search is completed. Try out different combinations for each lap.

For example, if you combine “W Backstep,” which retreats two squares, and “High Speed Ejection,” which increases in power the farther away from the enemy, you can create a technique that deals high damage while maintaining a good distance from the enemy.

Location: BAR Stella Abyss

At the bar “Stella Abyss,” you can travel to Drunk World by sharing drinks with regular customers, which will give you an advantage in your search.

There are several regular customers at Stella Abyss. Talk to the person you are interested in and sit down with him or her.

Enjoy talking with the regulars.

At the bar, you can enjoy conversation with regulars by sharing a table with them. There are five types of reactions that you can choose from in conversation, including four types of responses (affirmative, negative, laughing, and doubtful) and one type of response (drinking). Choose the most appropriate reaction according to the other person’s feelings to liven up the conversation.

If you use an inappropriate response to the flow of the conversation, or if you offend the other person, the conversation will not be lively, and the drinking party will be over.

Selecting “drink too much” will blur your vision and force you into the Drunk World. …… Be careful about the pace of your drinking.

The Hidden Effects of Cocktails

The cocktails in Stellar Abyss have hidden effects that will help you conquer the Drunk World. The effects of the cocktails vary, from increasing the experience gained to increasing the appearance rate of certain stellar items. Order the cocktail that best suits your style of exploration.

If you have a good conversation with your partner, you can order more cocktails, and the more you drink two or three cocktails, the more the effects will accumulate and the more advantageous your search will be.

There are about 300 cocktails in total. You can unlock cocktails with more powerful effects by spending money collected in Drunk World.

Bar Stella Abyss is launching on February 29th in Japan across Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5.

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