Bandai Namco Announces New Logo for April 2022; New Purpose “Fun for All into the Future”

Bandai Namco

Bandai Namco Entertainment have announced a new minimalist logo that will be used from April, 2022 onwards.

As stated in the press release, they will also replace their existing mission and vision with “a statement of purpose.” Aiming to further build the value of the brand worldwide, the new company purpose was “developed based on internal and external surveys, as well as discussions
among employees from around the world.”

This purpose is “Fun for All into the Future.” “Bandai Namco exists to share dreams, fun and inspiration with people around the world,” the press release explains. “Connecting people and societies in the enjoyment of uniquely entertaining products and services, we’re working to create a brighter future for everyone.”

The current logo expressed that it was the fusion of Bandai and Namco. This happened September 29th, 2005; and officially formed March 31st, 2006. The new logo will be put on all Bandai Namco Entertainment products and services. You can find the rundown on how the design was developed below.

“The new logo’s speech bubble motif, “Fukidashi” in Japanese, expresses the potential of the brand to connect with people around the world and inspire them with amazing ideas. The speech bubble also represents Japan’s manga culture that has become so popular everywhere. The logo stands for our determination to communicate with fans worldwide, to connect with our fans, and to create entertainment unique to Bandai Namco. The magenta used as the motif color not only represents diversity, but also creates a bright and fun impression and is easy to reproduce.”


The reaction to the new logo seems poor- based on replies and quote RTs from @Wario64‘s tweet on it (a Twitter account dedicated to gaming news). The criticism is levied at the logo’s minimalist design (a tend with other corporate logos), along with being lifeless and lacking creativity.



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