Japanese horror game BAN: The Prologue of GUCHA GUCHA launches this fall

BAN: The Prologue of GUCHA GUCHA

Publisher Kodansha and developer IchimatsuSeika have announced a release window for BAN: The Prologue of GUCHA GUCHA, their Japanese horror/grindhouse game.

BAN: The Prologue of GUCHA GUCHA is launching sometime this fall for Windows PC (via Steam). The game is reportedly the first in a trilogy.

Here’s a rundown on the game, plus a new trailer:

A richly coloured horror and mystery tale, BAN: The Prologue of GUCHA GUCHA is a third-person horror adventure game. Experience the messy horror from the perspective of the protagonist, who is caught up in the whirlwind of events in a certain town in Japan, Utagacho.

A “richly coloured horror and mystery tale” that will grind your heart into a pulp.

This is a new horror adventure game from Ichimatsu Suzuka, who has gained popularity for his Japanese-style nostalgic horror games “GO HOME” and “YASO curse of soirée”.

The game, which can be enjoyed from a third-person perspective in a beautifully rendered world using Unreal Engine 5 technology, consists of two parts: “the first half, in which you explore the terror-stricken Mount Utaga,” and “the second half, in which you run away from a killer who is attacking you.

The story takes place in Utaga, a town in Japan.

You will be attacked by numerous horrors when you accidentally come in contact with a horrifying incident hidden in this town.

  • Explore the mysterious “Mount Utaga
    • Search for your missing dog in Mt.Utaga.
    • In the course of your search, you will witness fragments of the terrible history that lies in Mt.
  • Flee from the horrors that assail you.
    • A bloody murderer attacks you, wielding a Japanese sword.
    • Aiming to escape while carrying a young sister who starts to cry.
  • What in the world happened in this town?
    • The many horrors that occur to you will unravel the fate that lurks in this town.

Will you be able to escape from Utaga?


The main character, college student [Garasu Yuki], is walking with her dog when she is attacked by a strange monster.
Her dog, Chocolat, who protected her, has disappeared along with [something crawling on the ground].

The game begins when she visits Mount Utaga in search of her dog.

The time limit to search Mount Utaga is 18:00.
Glass searches for her dog in the mountains, where there is an unsettling atmosphere, but she is unable to find him until 18:00.

The sun sets and darkness envelops Mt.
As she attempts to continue her search, she is again attacked by something crawling on the ground.

From there, the protagonist experiences a part of the cruel and fearless history of this town.


  • Retro and eerie worldview depicted with vivid visuals – The setting is a little old Japan. The dense mountains and Japanese-style houses have a nostalgic and eerie atmosphere.
  • A breathtaking experience of running away from a killer in an endless corridor – The mansion where the Japanese sword-wielding, blood-soaked murderer roams is very large, and the same scenery goes on forever.

Can you escape safely with your young sister in your arms?

English Trailer

Japanese Trailer

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