Bakugan: Champions of Vestroia Announced, Launches 2020 on Nintendo Switch

Bakugan: Champions of Vestoria

Wayforward have announced Bakugan: Champions of Vestroia during today’s Nintendo Treehouse Live.

This action role-playing game that combines real time and turn-based combat, with an original story based on the Bakugan anime. In real life, Bakugan are a combination collectible card and toy game, where players duel with monsters than unfurl from plastic balls.

In Bakuga: Champions of Vestroia, players can collect up to 81 Bakugan (including the returning Leonidus), level them, and take advantage of faction strengths and weaknesses in battle. Players can also assign up to four abilities to each Bakugan. Players can also collect 200 different abilities and upgrades.

Battles have players run around in real time, collecting Energy Cores to thrown to their giant Bakugan and power them up. Once enough power is gained, the Bakugan can unleash an ability as an attack.

Players can create teams of three Bakugan, and perform a team attack when enough energy is gathered. This gives the player a choice between building up for big attacks (while being attacked by foes), or pepper foes with smaller attacks. The game will also support online multiplayer.

The story focuses on the player trying to enter a Bakugan tournaments, but soon delving into the mystery of earthquakes plaguing San Barbras. While you play as an original character, you meet characters from the Anime, such as Dan Kuso, helping the player through tutorials.

You can find the announcement trailer and gameplay below.

Bakugan: Champions of Vestroia launches in the first week of November, 2020 on Nintendo Switch.

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