Backyard Football Video Game Review

There are video games for every sport, and it makes life great. Whether this be VR now or by the analog controller, there is no shortage of opportunity. Playing games like this has become the norm as more and more people are getting in on the mix. 


Of course, if simply playing virtually isn’t enough, there is the chance to check out the latest odds and NFL lines. The offseason can feel like forever, which is why video games are great. Able to be enjoyed at any time of the year, the customer always gets a bang for their buck. Let’s take a look at one of the most fun video game series, which encompasses all sports. Today’s edition has us examining football.


What is Backyard Football?

For kids who may not be ready to be exposed to everything football and NFL, there is Backyard Football. Beginning with baseball, Humongous Sports and Atari got together and decided there was work that they could be doing. 


Atari would actually come later, but it was a couple of companies who decided they could make something special for a younger audience. The nostalgia it has carried into the future is very impressive, being enjoyed by multiple generations. 


Backyard Football, the original game, featured one NFL player from a number of different teams. This first rendition did not have any defensive players but all skill-position individuals. Running backs, quarterbacks, and wide receivers were the only ones that could be accessed. 


The big names from the game’s initial launch included Jerry Rice, Brett Favre, and Barry Sanders. And it was played by everybody everywhere. It was not as violent as normal football, so it passed all the tests.


With likable fictional individuals, including Pete Wheeler and Pablo Sanchez, everybody had something they were able to enjoy. Sure, this was not the greatest game, and the true fans of NFL football might not have looked into it. But in the late 1990s, into the 2000s, there was a need for other options. With a universe of its own and quick games, it was easy to play an entire season within just a couple of hours. There are no injuries, so all the players can just bounce back up.


There were fictional announcers, with fantastic voiceover artists provided to render their services to it. All around schools and work offices alike, this was talked about. It is harder to play on modern computers, but technology is so impressive that ways have been found to do it. 


PS2 and Gamecube, among other consoles, did, in fact, pick it up so it could be enjoyed with a physical controller and not just a keyboard and mouse. This is the game to play today, and it was back then, too.


Some of the Benefits

There are not many things in life that lack haters or opponents. The Backyard Sports franchise is among those things, and folks in their late-20’s now were the original demographic. That did not stop games from being made for multiple decades. It was something that certainly came out, and nothing of its sort existed. 


All the TV shows kids watch have sports episodes, whether it be baseball, basketball, or football. But with the final one named, finding things age appropriate for eager young minds can be tough.


With the injuries off, no matter what happens, it can show kids that the sport isn’t the most violent. They can get to that part when they are ready. And for adults, they realize they can play a bit harder and not worry about their QB going down.


 With rosters of only seven players, the same ones will play both offense and defense. This shows that versatility still exists and that guys who used to play two positions, like George Blanda, were very much real. This enables a history lesson to be taught. 


And, of course, the best part of it all is that the game can be played at any time. The graphics were never too outdated, and with it coming out so long ago, enjoyers of players like Dan Marino can just re-open it and go to work. It is going to be popular for generations to come, and young parents will be showing it to their kids. 



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