Azure Striker Gunvolt has a Ponytail, and That’s Ok

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Azure Striker Gunvolt is a new 2D side-scrolling shooter from Keiji Inafune, Comcept and Inti Creates. It’s highly reminiscent of Mega Man, just like his other spiritual successor to Mega Man, Mighty No. 9, which is being developed separately from this game.

Recently, Inti Creates revealed that they had changed the character design for protagonist Gunvolt in the Americas, chopping off his braided pony tail and covering up that scandalous midriff. Their reasoning was that the core audience for the game in North America would be young boys between the ages of 10 and 14, not hopelessly attached man children who still cling to the Mega Man franchise.

All jokes aside, Inti Creates have decided to meet the fans’ questioning feedback with a compromise – returning his braided ponytail, while still covering up those abs. The official Gunvolt Twitter account said posted this earlier in regards to the whole ordeal:

“Inafune-san and [Inti Creates CEO] Aizu-san also discussed the character design of Gunvolt for US version. Inafune-san concluded that Gunvolt keeps ‘braided hair’ in US version too. Because he emphasises the design.”

So there you go internet, you got your way, sort of. Now you can return to your blue bomber shrines while you wait for both Mighty No. 9 and Azure Striker Gunvolt. The real question will be which game is better, although Mighty No. 9 clearly has much more riding on it.

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