Obsidian Entertainment Announce Avowed for PC and Xbox Series X


Microsoft and Obsidian Entertainment have announced Avowed during the Xbox Games Showcase, a new fantasy title that seems to take a page from The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim’s book.

Avowed is the new fantasy title from Obsidian Entertainment. Players take on the role of a hero in the world of Eora (from Pillars of Eternity) who goes toe to toe with long forgotten monstrosities. Coming from this, the game is likely a more single-player, player-driven fantasy RPG compared to the top-down, party-based RPG Obsidian has made the past several years.

The trailer does not reveal much, but we see undead soldiers shambling about the surface as the narrator tells us how rulers have risen to power through war. We see an unnamed hero traversing the depths where a flaming arrow has fallen. A room lights up and see them ready their sword in one hand and prepare a spell in the other as some unseen foe makes its approach.

Before the monster makes its appearance the narrator asks us: “Is an oath worth the weight of a crown?”

You can find the announcement trailer below.

“Watch the official announce trailer for Avowed, Obsidian Entertainment’s next epic, first-person RPG set in the fantasy world of Eora.

Avowed is coming soon to Windows PC, and Xbox Series X.

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