Atari announces yet another acquisition of over a dozen classic titles

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Atari keeps making acquisitions to position itself as the true publisher of classic video games from the early days of the medium.

This time the publisher has announced the acquisition of all M Network Atari games and trademarks.

M Network was a video gaming division for Mattel, known in the gaming sphere for their Intellivision home console, which competed directly with Atari. Despite this, the M Network label was created to publish simplified versions of their games to the Atari 2600.

Notable games that Atari acquired from this include Armor AmbushAstroblastFrogs And Flies, Space Attack, and Star Strike. Like their other acquisitions, they have plans on expanding distribution of these classic titles along with creating new games based on those IPs.

Previously in just the past few months, the company has made a number of major acquisitions. They have picked up over 100 titles including games such as Bubsy, while also acquiring game development studio Nightdive Studios to presumably aid in remastering or creating new content with these IPs.

It’ll take time before anyone can expect to see new games created from all these acquired titles. However, one might see a new collection of classic games by Atari pretty soon in the future.


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