Atari 50 vinyl record announced

Atari 50 Vinyl

Microids Records have announced in collaboration with Atari their latest Vinyl release with the Atari 50 LP.

As the name suggests, this new vinyl release is to celebrate the latter company’s 50th year anniversary.

The record contains songs from many of Atari’s classic games as well as from their reimagined lineup of titles that have been more recently released, and is composed by Bob Baffy.

Atari 50 Vinyl

Here’s a short preview track list provided by the store page via Light in the Attic:

  1. Main Menu music
  2. Quadratank – Battle
  3. Quadratank – Menu
  4. Yars revenge – Main
  5. Yars revenge – Main alt
  6. Yars Revenge – menu
  7. Neo Breakout – Vs music
  8. Neo Breakout – Level Music
  9. Neo Breakout – High score
  10. Neo breakout – Menu
  11. Vector Sector – All levels
  12. Haunted house – title
  13. Haunted House – title alt
  14. Hated House – secret room

The Atari 50 vinyl is set to release on April 17, 2024.

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