Astebreed is a Brilliantly Chaotic Bullet Hell Shooter

There’s something with recent bullet hell shooters from Japanese developers that just love to adopt crazy German and or German sounding names. Astebreed, by developer Edelweiss, is one of those insanely difficult bullet hell shooters, and it looks like all kinds of awesome.

The game features two sets of ranged attacks, each of which sporting a more focused subset of weapons like a melee ability (you are piloting a mech afte all), or a conical strike. As the countless waves of enemies and bullets continue to barrage you from all angles, you’ll be mashing on the attack button while trying to stay alive.

Coming from the fact that you pilot a mech fighter, Astebreed also sports somewhat of an anime theme, as its clearly evident in the small character portraits and the dialogue that goes flying around during battles. The only sad thing I can think of is the fact that the game’s visuals and difficulty are so intense that you might end up missing some of the story.

Astebreed is currently available via the Japanese Playism site, although the game is currently not confirmed for a Western release.

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