Assault Android Cactus is a Twin Stick Shooter With a Catch

Assault Android Cactus SS 1

Assault Android Cactus is a top down, twin stick bullet hell shooter that features eight playable androids who are fighting against rampaging hordes of monsters and robots.

The goal of the game is to get back to your spaceship, the only problem is that you have to fight your way through a robot uprising.

Here’s the catch – each android runs on a battery, hence the battery gauge in the top middle of the screen. Getting knocked down by enemies or their projectiles clears your powerups, the only way you can die is if you run out of your battery.

Each android has a different primary and secondary weapon to give each a completely unique playstyle. Cactus, the heroine, is an all around type character with a machine gun and a flamethrower. Holly is more of a beginner type character sporting a homing shot and a cannonball launcher.

The game has a really awesome art style and seems fast, frantic and fun – I’m definitely excited for it. You can check out the game’s facebook, twitter and the official page as well.



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