Assault Android Cactus Gets a New Droid

assault android cactus aubergine art 1

Witch Beam have recently put out a new build of their excellent game, Assault Android Cactus, on Steam Early Access. Most Notably, they’ve added a brand new character, shown above, who is named Aubergine.

Aubergine is a strict, no nonsense security officer who is screwed over when her boss, one of the Section Lords, turns against the crew and starts a mutiny. She’s not particularly fond of Cactus, the main android with green hair, mostly because she showed up and started barking out orders.

The main weapon Aubergine uses is her Helo, the personal utility robot that controls like a boomerang mixed with a wrecking ball. You control the Helo’s movements with your laser dot sight, which you can maneuver pretty quickly, although you have to factor in the Helo’s movements and speed. Her secondary ability is the Singularity Generator, which opens up a hole in space and time, dragging nearby enemies into their own oblivion. This is even more effective if you use it with the Helo.

Aubergine is currently playable if you have Early Access on Steam, and if you haven’t thrown your money at Witch Beam yet, you should probably do so now. You can check out Assault Android Cactus’s Steam page here. We also did a preview of the game, which you can read here.



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