ASRock announce Sonic themed motherboard in celebration for Sonic Frontiers launch

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With Sonic Frontiers just one day out from launch, it’s not surprise that hype surrounding it is at an all time high. ASRock has decided to celebrate with a Sonic themed motherboard of one of their high end units.

Officially it’s known as the ASRock Z790 PG SONIC, which is the latest among motherboards to support Intel’s 13th gen CPUs (Raptor Lake), which just came out last month. As such it contains all the normal tech specs and goodies that comes with a Z790 board.

However, the special parts of this board come from its branding of the blue blur. The heat sink components over the motherboard’s VRMs are designed with the franchise’s iconic logo. Meanwhile emblazoned on the I/O is an image of the iconic rings from the series.

The back of the motherboard also has a full design of Sonic himself, though considering its placement will unfortunately not be seen while in use, unless one were to have a real odd looking case.

Another notable feature is that the BIOs of the motherboard is also themed on the game as well, so appearances go beyond just the hardware.

Pricing was not confirmed for this board, though it’s likely to be very expensive considering it’s already a top line motherboard, but now made into a limited edition. If you want to know more about this, then you can check out their website here.

Here’s a trailer of their announcement:

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