Former Runescape devs announce “adaption shooter” Ascendant Infinity

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Developer PlayFusion, made up of former leaders and employees from Runescape, have announced Ascendant Infinity, a new 3v3 tactical shooter.

Ascendant Infinity is what they claim to be the first “adaption shooter,” and is coming to Windows PC (via Steam and Epic Games Store), though a release date wasn’t announced.

While that term is not well defined, it is a multiplayer shooter where four teams of three do battle in a “biopunk-infused” 80s style of world. Those interested can sign up for their closed beta through their website.

Here’s a rundown of the game, plus reveal trailer:

Ascendant Infinity is set in a dynamically-changing, biopunk-infused world, wrapped up in a playful ‘80s vibe.

Newly defrosted following a thousand years on ice, players find themselves in a world where everything seemingly wants them dead five minutes ago. They survived a catastrophic event known as ‘The Cascade’ thanks to some rather clever advanced bioengineering designed to ‘fix everything’ whilst they chilled out. The result – a chaotic highly evolved world filled with exciting nature, creatures & a rag-tag bunch of thawed-out, hardware-packing survivors, and simply not enough to go around for everyone.

With competitive matches taking place on the dynamically-changing map where no two encounters are ever the same, four teams of three race to extract precious resources. As the bullets fly and the mutated wildlife causes trouble, players must embrace the tactical chaos to survive. Set up ambushes, rush headlong into battle, or hang back and perhaps call in an airstrike or flood the tunnels with toxic gas – you’re the boss!


  • Team Battles – Take your squad into battle against three other teams in a dynamic and chaotic firefight, as you seek to be the first team to get in, grab the loot, and get back out again – hopefully in one piece.
  • Dynamic Firefights – No two battles are ever the same, thanks to the shifting environment, ever-changing enemy tactics and player triggered events.
  • Rich Customisation – Player choice is king in Ascendant Infinity. From getting the perfect neon-coloured ‘80s outfit, to engineering an explosive sniper rifle, or loading up your favourite weapon with an incendiary effect, there are literally thousands of customisation options waiting to be discovered.
  • Persistent Lobby – Nobody likes waiting! A persistent social lobby, designed with players in mind, provides plenty of fun before the bullets start flying. A wide range of different experiences await, complete with leaderboards and speed challenges. Or hang out and make new friends before heading out into the thick of battle – this is your space to do whatever you want with.



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