Asatsugutori Game Mechanics Trailer

Asatsugutori Game Mechanics Trailer

Nippon Ichi Software has shared a new Asatsugutori game mechanics trailer, introducing the core game systems in the upcoming time loop adventure murder-mystery game.

Here’s the new Asatsugutori game mechanics trailer:

Here’s a rundown on the game, from our previous coverage:

A machine that makes a quiet noise–an intravenous drip-like device in his right arm–and a small, dark red light.

When Lark wakes up, she finds herself in a strange room. When she wakes up, she finds herself in a strange room and meets seven other girls in the same situation.

An announcement echoes from above the confused girls. “Only the last survivor will be allowed to leave the building. “We recommend that you make every effort to survive for as long as possible. If you work hard, you might even be able to use magic.”

A few days after the girls begin their inexplicable life together, an incident finally occurs. Hibari regrets not being able to stop the scene of death that occurred before her eyes. “If only I could go back to the time before she died: …”

The next day, Hibari wakes up and goes to the cafeteria. The next day, Hibari wakes up and goes to the cafeteria to find that the girl who was supposed to be dead is still there as she was yesterday.

The ability to go back in time

With this power, I can start over again and again. No one will ever die again.

Make full use of the time loop to prevent incidents before they happen! The player controls the main character, Hibari, on a downward-facing map. Gather information to “prevent incidents before they happen” by acquiring items and listening to people.

Time progresses in real time as you explore, and the information you get changes depending on the time of day. Repeat the “time loop” as many times as necessary to collect evidence.


Asatsugutori is launching for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 on November 25 in Japan.

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