Artist harassed over extra thicc Fear & Hunger illustration

Fear & Hunger

An artist that drew a very thicc and sexy illustration of D’arce from the game Fear & Hunger has been attacked on social media.

The artist was hit with the expected amount of harassment and death threats from Twitter after posting the above artwork.

Everything started when the artist shared their cute illustration that depicts D’arce as a bit more curvaceous than usual:

The artist then released a subsequent tweet detailing the harassment they received over the world-changing piece of fiction:

Such bouts of hatred over harmless fictional art are sadly common in the current era, as “people” of the West seem to care more about fiction then reality.

Also, as noted by the artist, such individuals also happen to be massive hypocrites.

Thankfully, the artist was also undaunted by the nonsense, unlike some artists who apologize over such matters when there’s nothing to apologize for.

More questionable comments directed towards the artwork:

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