Artesian Builds suspended all activity after prize giveaway scandal

Artesian Builds suspended all activity

We’ve learned Artesian Builds suspended all activity amidst a scandal resulting from their alleged treatment of “Brand Ambassadors” during a livestreamed giveaway.

Last month, Artesian Builds hosted a live giveaway which was reportedly open to all Brand Ambassadors who worked with the company.

The requirements to become a Brand Ambassador is enrollment in the program, and including a required blurb about the company in the Ambassador’s socials.

However despite this open competition, Artesian Builds was caught on their livestream denying giveaway winners their prize because of low or stagnant social media analytics. After pulling up one user’s follower count, Artesian Builds CEO said “that’s a no from me dawg” before denying the winner.

While Artesian Builds suspended all activity during this scandal, the company claims that they are undergoing outside analysis in order to address their organization. The company is also claiming that they’re undergoing an “employee-led buyout”.

Worth mentioning is that Artesian Builds has since deleted their apologies made after the controversy became known across social media.

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