Art of War Expansion for Europa Universalis IV is Coming This Month

Paradox Interactive have confirmed that Art of War, the latest expansion for their award winning and highly rated Europa Universalis IV historical strategy simulator, is coming at the end of this month.

Beginning on October 30th, fans will have access to the fourth expansion to the game. Art of War adds a lot of new changes, but the most notable of changes is probably the entire game map being overhauled.

Featured above, project lead Martin Anward was too excited for the expansion, so he decided to do a four minute dev diary to showcase that Art of War is all about. Clearly, the inspiration for the expansion is the Thirty Years War, a completely destructive conflict that saw most of central Europe ablaze or contested over.

There will not only be new military options and challenges, but also revamps and challenges coming from religion as well, as religion was also a part of the beginnings of the Thirty Years War. Coming from this, a new revolt system is also being implemented, meaning that if you reign cruelly, you’ll probably end up with a rebellion on your hands.



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