Arsonist at Idol Concert Attempted to Copy the KyoAni Attack

Acty Arson

The lead suspect in an arsonist attack at a small-scale idol concert in Tokushima admits to trying to copy the attack on Kyoto Animation.

Shigeru Okada age 38 has admitted to attempting to carry out an arson attack at a crowded building during a local idol concert. Okada used gasoline to set fire to the Acty Annex building in Tokushima city.

Thankfully, none of the seventy occupants were fatally injured in the attack, although a manager who fought the flames received burns on his neck. Despite the use of gasoline as an accelerant, all occupants of the building were able to safely evacuate.

The attack comes after Japan introduced new legislation in the wake of the Kyoto Animation arson attack which required customers dispensing gas into containers to provide ID and give the purpose of their purchase.

According to Sora News, the suspect admitted to copying the Kyoto Animation attack which left 36 people dead and more injured.

At the time of publishing, the authorities haven’t publicized the suspect’s motive for the recent arson attack.

Image: Google Maps


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