New mech shooter Armor Attack announced

Armor Attack

KEK Entertainment, a new studio made up of veteran devs from Ubisoft, Electronic Arts, and more, have announced Armor Attack, a new mech shooter.

Armor Attack is launching for Windows PC, iOS, and Android later in 2024 with full crossplay – console ports are coming sometime after that.

“As gamers ourselves, we always wondered why there were not more opportunities to experience the same quality play with friends across all types of gaming platforms,” said Georgy Egorov, CEO and Co-Founded of KEK Entertainment. “So, we are making our own ultimate mecha shooter experience for friends to enjoy across PC, mobile and consoles without sacrificing caliber.”

Here’s a rundown on the game, plus a reveal trailer:

In Armor Attack, the future of society lies in the hands of three opposing factions who are fighting to gain control over what’s left on Earth after decades of war and social upheaval. Players will participate in all-out mech vehicle warfare, customizing and taking control of battle technologies including robots, tanks, wheeled machines and more to gain victory over their opponents. Thrilling and unforeseen experiences will ensue through exciting interactive environments, various unique ability-centered vehicle types and enhanced cinematic experiences that will keep players at the edge of their seats.


  • CLASS AND ABILITY-CENTERED VEHICLES – Choose and customize your vehicle, each with a unique expertise to be successful on the battlefield. From a reaction engine to the scout map, a big energy shield for you and your teammates or a fire bomb with AoE damage, players will notice how each vehicle provides a completely new playstyle.
  • CUSTOMIZABLE COMBAT – Tailor your battle machines for specific combat objectives. Use the most effective combinations of unit abilities, upgrades, weapons and talent systems to create tactically diverse drop teams.
  • INTERACTIVE ENVIRONMENT – Every map has its own game-changing mechanic. Be it an ever-changing map layout, a strategically important vantage point or a huge AI-controlled boss – each one has the potential to turn the tides of war.
  • THREE FACTIONS AND THREE MOTIVATIONS – Explore three different playing styles and battle technology designs: defense, damage and exploiting the battlefield. You’ll soon discover the stories behind them which have created the world of Armor Attack. 
  • CROSSPLAY – Create your dream team by playing with friends across devices. No need to pick and choose anymore!


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