Armello is Basically a Don Bluth Version of Game of Thrones

Armello is a multiplayer digital boardgame that Australian developer League of Geeks has taken to Kickstarter to help get funded. If you press play on their Kickstarter pitch (featured above), you’ll get an introduction from the team, as well as an absolutely mind boggling cinematic trailer that sets the stage for what Armello is all about.

Basically, think of it as a Don Bluth version of the popular softcore porn/violence simulator that is Game of Thrones, only with anthropomorphic animals.

The goal of the game is to become king or queen of Armello. The existing kind is dying of a dark force called “the rot,” and naturally that has ignited the quest for others to usurp the throne, and secure power for their clan. The game is played by one to four players, and is literally set up like a digital version of a tabletop board game.

You move between hexagonal tiles, and your choices are dictated by a deck of cards. It’s reminiscent of the turn-based strategy battles in Fire Emblem, but with a deck of cards from which to choose your options.

Some of the really fun things about their Kickstarter that will get tabletop fans giddy in their seats are the inclusion of real world physics with the in-game dice, so if you toss them they bounce around like a real pair of dice.

Also, there’s no real class system, so characters just evolve and grow as you play. Lastly, each card isn’t simply an image: every single one is meticulously animated.

If you want to back Armello, head on over to their Kickstarter page.

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