Arma 3 “Warlords” Mode Now Available

Bohemia Interactive has just released the new Warlords Mode for Arma 3.

This new large scale competitive multiplayer mode puts two teams (NATO and CSAT) against one another on a massive map divided into smaller NPC-controlled sectors. Players must capture sectors to establish supply lines and clear a direct route to the enemy’s main base for a final assault.

During the match, teams will gather Command Points that can be spent to call in supply drops of better gear, armored vehicles, AI reinforcements, and strategic abilities. You can watch a trailer about the new mode above, and the full patch notes can be found here.

This update also directly integrates the popular ADR-97 Weapons Pack mod into the game, allowing everyone to use the guns it adds without having to install the mod through the Steam Workshop.

Arma 3 is available on Windows PC via Steam for $39.99.



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