Arm Your Rocket Shotgun


Tower of Guns combines classic fast paced FPS action with the replay-ability of a rougelike.

This basically means that the things you shoot at and the places you do the shooting in are randomly generated. Every experience is unique.  The pace of the game is absurdly frantic, you don’t even stop to open doors – you SHOOT through doors. An entire game is designed to be played over the course of a lunch break, but you shouldn’t expect that to actually happen. You’re going to die.
The game is available for pre-order HERE. When you preorder you are given acces to the game’s current build, so you can start playing right now. Preorders will have a special ability that allows them to shoot something call a Hug Bot.

Also, the developer promises to honor all preorders with a Steam key should the game get Green Lit. You can help make that happen HERE.

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