Arknights manga spinoff “Rhodes Kitchen” gets western release


Yostar announced the Arknights manga spinoff Rhodes Kitchen – Tidbits has finally been officially localized in English.

The new manga spinoff stars Amiya, the Rhodes Island leader as well as what most consider the series’ mascot. She is joined by Nathra, a newcomer and former restauranteur, both of which work in a kitchen together.

While the Japanese manga has several volumes out now – the western equivalent only has the first volume available on it official site. More volumes will come later.

Alongside the new manga getting an official English release is a new event in the Arknights game, to celebrate. The event “Rhodes Island Central Kitchen – New Year’s Gourmet Feast Collection” gives players a chance to enter a cooking contest, and win big prizes.

Here’s a rundown on the Arknights manga, and the new in-game event:

About Arknights manga Rhodes Kitchen – Tidbits

Rhodes Kitchen – Tidbits is An Arknights Official Manga illustrated by Bakanoko (馬かのこ). It‘s a record file that keeps track of everyday life, meals, and interactions between Rhodes Island Operators in the R.I. kitchen.

About Rhodes Island Central Kitchen – New Year’s Gourmet Feast Collection

This event is available from December 18, 2022, 20:00 (UTC-7) to January 1, 2023, 03:59 (UTC-7). In celebration of the upcoming new year, Central Kitchen has been working hard to prepare the New Year’s feast with a wide variety of dishes, including 5 Courses for Rhodes Island Operators from all over the world. Each one of them has different tastes and is willing to try many new dishes.

During the event, players can choose at least one of the 5 Courses: Appetizer, Soup, Main Course, Dessert, and Drink based on their preferences, then prepare a dish in the style of “Realism” or “Idealism”. Afterward, post a photo or picture of your dish according to the official menu template on social media for this event. Realism refers to real-life ingredients as Doctors need to make the actual dish and submit a photo of it. On the other hand, Idealism requires Doctors to draw a picture in one of the 5 Courses, with no restrictions on theme, ingredients, or art style.

Invited Judges from Rhodes Island will select one Realism and one Idealism dish from each of the 5 Courses, for a total of 10 dishes as the winning entries. Doctors who make the corresponding dish will also receive the title of New Year’s Culinarian and get rewards for it!

New Year’s Culinarian Rewards

10  entries in total from EN and KR servers will be selected and awarded from the pool of  Food-Themed Plushie Set * 1, Emergency Sanity Concentrate * 4, LMD * 150000, and Headhunting Permit * 3. The winning entries will likely be featured in the subsequent chapter of Rhodes Kitchen – Tidbits.

For all participating Doctors, additional rewards have been prepared as well. 20 Doctors with valid posts on social media will be selected and rewarded with 600 Orundum. Milestone rewards will be given when the sum of participants from both Arknights servers reaches certain numbers, which are Emergency Sanity Booster and LMD.

Arknights has been available on Android, and iOS.

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