Arknights Limited Time Event “A Walk In The Dust” is Available Now

Arknights Walk in the Dust

New Arknights limited time event, “A Walk In The Dust,” is available now featuring new story missions and characters.

As stated in the press release (via, the event will also bring new mechanics; like Mobile Tactical Hangars that send out enemy Air Support Drones to specified targets to help influence battle. Enemies that are introduced include the Tactical Crossbowman, Tactical Defender, and War Phantom; each calling for Air Support Drones for either healing or to deal out damage to allies.

The new side story follows operator Kal’tsit as she travels through Terra, the world of Arknights. Taking place 26 years ago in Sargon, mercenaries stumble upon a survivor named Elliot Grove, a Columbian research member. Elliot is rescued by Kal’tsit whom was an acquaintance of his mentor years prior. Playing through the story reveals new lore, and sets the stage for something more.


After clearing challenges and story missions, players will receive “Scattered Sketches,” currency for the Reefsteep Black Market, to purchase upgrade items and furniture for dorms. Operator Heavyrain can be unlocked by completing specific activities in the event. The black market will remain open until October 21 at 3:59 UTC-7 (3:59 a.m. PDT).

Heavyrain is a Defender type operator of 5 star rarity, with a design based from a zebra. Her skill effect grants Camouflage for a nearby ally with less than 50% HP for 4 seconds, while recovering 30 HP every second as a result.

The skill holds 1 charge, but can be upgraded to hold 2 charges and recover 70 HP. The Camouflage effect can have an adverse reaction during battle with enemies that can do splash damage, damaging both Heavyrain and her camouflaged ally.

Another new operator, Passenger, is available for Headhunting (gacha). An AOE caster has a rate up during the event length, along with a few other new operators including Toddifons. Both Passenger and Toddifons can be acquired after the event concludes since they aren’t limited runs.

Toddifons is a Sniper type defender that focuses on the heaviest enemies first during combat. She isn’t strong against high defensive enemies, and is primarily effective against Sarkaz enemies. Her skill effect marks the heavy enemies, increases their Taunt level, and causes -20% DEF with 120% Physical damage.

Passenger, an AOE Caster type operator, is a much harder operator to recruit. At a rarity of 6 stars, his skill effect after charging SP deals 150% damage on the next attack, and can chain up to 4 targets. The drawback is that he features a high deployment point cost with disappointing DPS.

A new dorm furniture set, Critical Response Team Office, can be purchased through the furniture shop with remaining items being earned through the “A Walk In The Dust” event. It gives a total of 5000 Ambience, which will increase the recovery of operators from their jobs in the Base. The furniture set will be available until October 14th at 3:59 a.m. UTC-7, the event runtime.

A re-edition of Bloodline of Combat will also run for the same time period. It features skins that were previously released, as well as new costumes for operators Shirayuki and Hellagur. New Paradox Simulations, operator specific challenges, are also available for operators such as Noir Corne, Texas, and Exusiai to name a few.

The update is out now via a client update required from Apple’s App Store and Google’s Play Store, as well as an in game asset download. The event “A Walk In The Dust” will run from September 30 10:00 UTC-7 (10 a.m. PDT) to October 14 3:59 UTC-7 (3:59 a.m. PDT).

Arknights is available on Android, and iOS.

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