Arcade1Up Announces Turtles in Time, Street Fighter 2, X-Men, and Galaga/Pac-Man Classic Arcade Cabinets

Arcade1Up Announces Turtles in Time

Hot on the heels of their new The Simpsons Arcade cabinet reveal, Arcade1Up has announced new classic arcade cabinets for Turtles in Time, Street Fighter 2, X-Men, and a combo cabinet for Galaga/Pac-Man.

Here’s a rundown on all the new arcade cabinets:

  • Street Fighter ll Big Blue Arcade Machine– To celebrate the 30th year anniversary since its release, this Arcade1Up cabinet features a phenomenally iconic game list of 12 classic Capcom titles: Street Fighter™ II: Championship Edition, Street Fighter™ II’ Hyper Fighting, Super Street Fighter™ II Turbo, Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo™, Darkstalkers™, Night Warriors: Darkstalkers’ Revenge™, Darkstalkers 3™, Saturday Night Slam Masters™, Knights of the Round ™, Eco Fighters™, Capcom Sports Club™, and Muscle Bomber Duo™ are ALL packed inside this machine.
  • PAC-MAN/Galaga Class of 81’ Arcade Machine Power up that nostalgia with the iconic Ms. PAC-MAN™, as you guide her through those infamous mazes while evading BLINKY, PINKY, INKY and SUE. Then, fend off endless descending swarms of alien enemies with GALAGA™. Oh, and that’s just the start of the phenomenal game list packed inside: GALAGA™ ‘88, GALAXIAN™, DIG DUG™, DIG DUG™ II, MAPPY™, RALLY-X™, ROLLING THUNDER™, ROMPERS™, TOWER OF DRUAGA™, and KING AND BALLOON™ are ALL also included.
  • Turtles in Time Home Arcade Machine– “Cowabunga!” this new Arcade1Up machine allows you to take control of Leonardo, Michelangelo, Donatello, or Raphael with up to four simultaneous players, making for endless animation inspired fun.
  • X-Men 4 Player Arcade Machine– With character designs straight out of the legendary Pryde of the X-Men animated pilot, the X-Men 4 Player arcade game was an instant smash hit in 1992, allowing players to control Cyclops, Wolverine, Colossus, Storm, Nightcrawler, or Dazzler, in taking on the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants masterminded by Magneto with amazing mutant powers and endless fun.

Here’s some glamour shots for all the new cabinets:

Pre-orders for all the new cabinets will go live on July 1 via the official Arcade1Up store and participating retailers.

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