Apex Legends Lead Balance Designer Fired for 2007 Sexist and Racist Comments

Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends Lead Balance Designer Daniel Klein has been fired for sexist and racist comments he made in 2007.

MP1ST reports that the comments came via conversations with a friend online, and a joke from his blog. While context is almost entirely lost, the four posts in question feature demeaning comments against women and Africans.

In the message, Klein rants about someone called Toni, who he says has “nice tits.” He opens comparing the temptation of Eve to women still being tempted into making self-destructive choices.

He describes how Toni was not malevolent “even though the ‘moron chromosomes’ (XX)” made a journal entry she made sound like she was lashing out at people she should have apologized to.

Klein then advocates for not kicking Toni out, and that everyone will need to decide if they can trust her and if they’ll “fall in love with her.” Klein explains how her punishment is going to be branded by that group as “the unreliable, lil-brainded crazy person (or more politically correct: woman) she is.”

The joke entitled “Offensive Birds” is about a man asking another if he has birds living in his long beard. The man replies he does, along with some Africans, but he only feeds the birds. “If you feed them [the Africans], they’ll come back and shit all over the place.”


In a now locked Twitter profile, Klein revealed he had be fired from Respawn Entertainment because of those comments. Klein condemns his own 2007 comments as awful and bigoted (saying them to get a reaction, not because he believed them), though he had made himself a better person since then. He also states EA and Respawn were well within their rights to fire him.

Noting he felt “very depressed because it feels I’ll never be able to make up for who I was” and expected “dark days ahead;” his wife also tweeted that she had suffered a miscarriage over the stress of Klein losing his job.

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