Apex Legends Hacked to “Save Titanfall;” Unplayable for Several Hours

Apex Legends

A hacker made Apex Legends unplayable, seemingly in protest to Titanfall being unplayable due to its own constant DDOS attacks and server issues.

Despite the game being praised by critics and initially players alike [1, 2, 3], the game has been heavily criticized ever since its launch on Steam by players. Along with massive technical faults on launch [1, 2] including DLC packs not appearing as installed when they are, the games servers were especially vulnerable to DDOS attacks. A damning issue for an online-only game.

Developer Respawn Entertainment insisted “Help is coming ASAP” in April 2021, but as of this time of writing, recent Steam reviews are still Mostly Negative (36% of 1,151 recent reviews were positive). User reviews have accused Respawn Entertainment focusing their efforts on the game’s sequel, and Apex Legends.

At least one individual has taken their frustration to the next level, and made it harder for Respawn Entertainment to not notice. As reported by ApexLegendsNews (a Twitter account dedicated to news on both Apex Legends and Titanfall), a hacker added their own message into the game’s playlists and Important Messages; “TF1 is being attacked so is Apex.”

The important message directs users to SaveTitanfall.com, who’s owners note “This website, nor the Discord servers listed below, are in no way associated with the recent Apex Legends hack.” The website itself accuses Respawn Entertainment and publisher Electronic Arts (EA) of fraud; knowingly selling a game that is not playable.

To further hammer the point home, the hacker made it so players could not queue for any game mode. The game’s official subreddit noted that the issue occurred on both PC (along with Steam) and console for at least six hours.

Respawn Entertainment tweeted that they were “aware of and actively investigating issues impacting @PlayApex playlists that are preventing players from getting into matches.” Without any acknowledgement of the hack or addressing the grievances with Titanfall, the issue was later fixed.

In a May Q&A on the Apex Legends subreddit, Respawn Entertainment’s Director of Community and Communication Ryan K. Rigney noted legal action may be justifiable in some cases;” after Apex Legends had been then recently subjected to DDOS attacks. He also noted they would improve tools to identify those launching DDOS attacks, and working with experienced partners for “holistic solutions.”

At this time of writing, there has been no statement from EA or Respawn Entertainment regarding the content of the hack, or the future of Titanfall. 

Image: Reddit

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