Ao Oni getting modern ports and first English release

Ao Oni

Ao Oni, the cult classic Japanese horror game released back in 2004 for RPG Maker XP, is finally being re-released and in English for the very first time.

The new release for Ao Oni is planned for July 26th across Windows PC (via Steam) and Nintendo Switch, marking the first official English release for the cult classic horror game.

A full public release on Windows for Ao Oni came later in 2008 and was only available in Japanese. The series became immensely popular in Japan and spawned big fanbase, lots of fan games, sequels, spinoffs, a novel series, and even a film series.

Here’s a rundown on the classic horror game, plus a new trailer:

Challenge yourself while being chased by fear! A horror puzzle action adventure!

The legendary horror game “Ao Oni” has evolved and come back to life!

This is the Origin of “Blue Tragedy.” Long ago, there was a mansion on the outskirts of town. There were whispers among the people about such rumors as Blue monsters coming out…

What the four people who visited the mansion saw, were monsters… Can they escape alive?

The official “High Speed Mode” has been added!

you can freely choose between 2x and 15x speeds to challenge the super fast horror! Screaming is inevitable as the blue demon chases you at high speed! How far can you clear at what speed!?

New mode “Ao Oni -Ai’s Story-” has been added!

A girl named “Ai” awakens in a mysterious mansion. Explore the mansion, where the rooms change every time you play, find items, and attempt to escape! Can you see all the endings!?



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