Anonymous;Code Launches 2021 in Japan for PS4 and Switch, PS Vita Release Cancelled


Mages have announced visual novel Anonymous;Code release date is 2021 in Japan, on Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4.

Co-developed along with Chiyomaru Studio, the game was originally announced for PlayStation Vita- a platform that has now been omitted from the latest trailer, with its cancellation announced on the Japanese website.

The game’s story- at least at the time of its reveal (thanks SiliconEra!)- was focused around hacker Pron Takaoka and Momo Aizaki. Taking place in 2037, Tokyo’s Nakano district is still feeling the effects of a disaster the year prior caused by computers going haywire.

2038 has an even larger disaster predicted, and so a supercomputer dubbed Gaia was created for a simulated program of Earth to understand what will happen. However, the humans in the simulation create their own simulation. Doubts rise as no one is sure who they are real, all while Poron has the ability to save and reload the real world. Or at least, what he believes to be the real world.

The story is written by Chiyomaru Shikura, and is reportedly part of the “Science Visual Novel” series which includes Occultic;Nine. 

You can find the new release date trailer below.

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