Furry tactical RPG Anomaly Collapse launches in April

Anomaly Collapse

Publisher Spiral Up Games and developer RocketPunch Games have announced a release date for Anomaly Collapse.

The new furry tactical RPG is launching for Windows PC (via Steam) on April 12th.

Here’s a rundown on the previously announced game:

A Fresh Twist to Turn-Based Strategy

Anomaly Collapse thrusts you into an innovative one-dimensional battlefield grid, where movements are minimized, but strategy is maximized. Plan your moves and outmaneuver your foes by mastering the art of flanking, backstabbing, and cornering them in thrilling face-offs!”

Hundreds of Powerful Abnormalities

Equip your furry warriors with “”abnormalities”” – artifacts that possess active or passive effects. Delve into a vast collection of these power-ups scattered throughout the game, each with unique abilities. Leverage the power of these abnormalities at critical moments to turn the tide of battle, and mix and match them to craft the ultimate battle strategy!”

A Furry Battalion of Savvy Warriors

Craft a team of adorable yet formidable furry fighters, each boasting distinct classes and powerful traits. With three slots available, your choices will make or break your strategy. Devise innovative ways to synergize their skills, strategize combinations, all while unlocking their intriguing backstories.”

Expect the Unexpected

In Anomaly Collapse, the battlefield is ever-shifting. With abnormal being the new normal, be prepared for bizarre, challenging, and even comical events that will reshape the battlefield’s dynamics in a flash. Make flexibility and swift decision-making your most trusted allies!”

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