Anno: Mutationem Delayed to Q3 2021 on PS4 and PS5

Anno: Mutationem

Lightning Games have announced a delay in the release date for developer ThinkingStars’ action-RPG Anno: Mutationem.

The game was originally set to launch in December 2020. However, Lightning Games announced on December 31st that the game would have to be delayed.

The game will now launch Q3 2021 for PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5. While not mentioned in the statement, the game’s Steam page states the game will launch in 2021 on Windows PC.

The reason for the delay was cited as a need to improve the game into a “ready” state before release, which is now being “upgraded” overall. This in turn means “a large amount” of the game’s content needs to be re-planned and polished, while the game continues to be optimized for next generation consoles.

You can find the full statement below.

“To everyone who has been following ANNO:Mutationem,

Our team wish to express our deepest apologies for having to make you wait a little longer for ANNO: Mutationem. After several weeks of discussion, we decided to postpone the release date of the PS4, PS4 Pro and PS5 versions to the third quarter of 2021.

This is a very difficult decision, as we all love the game and cannot wait to get our players’ hands on it, but we don’t want to release the game until we feel it’s ready, we plan to upgrade the overall experience of the game, which means that a large amount of game content must be re-planned and polished. At the same time we will continue to optimize for next Gen.

We apologize to our players who have been looking forward to ANNO:Mutationem. New goals and milestones have been set and we are working hard towards the release!
Thanks again for joining us on this awesome journey! Cheers to new beginnings, we wish everyone a Happy & Healthy new year!

ANNO: Mutationem Team”

As previously reported, the game is a 2.5D action-RPG using pixel-art and a cyberpunk setting. The game also utilizes monsters from SCP Foundation, an open-source collaborative-fiction project. The projects users can submit short descriptions and stories on the horrifying monsters the organization attempt to study, capture, and contain.

You can find the full rundown (via Steam) below.


Enter our world!

Welcome to the neon-covered, 2D-meets-3D Cyberpunk world of ANNO: Mutationem. In this Action-Adventure game with RPG elements, you become Ann: a highly-skilled combat-trained lone wolf on a personal mission in a giant Metropolis, full of sinister mega-corporations, mysterious fringe groups and creatures more bizarre than words can express.

  • Where 2D meets 3D
    Unique 2D-to-3D gameplay, seamless switching between 2D Action n’ Platforming and 3D Exploration to interact with the world and its inhabitants

  • Ann kicks Ass
    Ann will slash, shoot, combo, grenade-throw & ground-pound her way thru hordes of enemies and huge bosses.

  • Explore, Discover & Return
    Exploring diverse locations such as huge cities & complex underground structures, players are free to go as they please, returning to previous areas and unlock new events.

  • A dark, twisted plot
    A grand story befitting a rich and dark cyberpunk décor, featuring our main hero Ann and her trusty hacker side-kick Ayane.

  • Craft, Upgrade, Improve, Customize
    Collect, buy or craft items & upgrade Ann’s stats, skills and gear. Use chips to modify any kind of weapon you find.

Image: Steam

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