Anime Matsuri launches new dubbing studio with Vic Mignogna

Anime Matsuri

Anime Matsuri, the Houston-based anime convention has announced they’re branching out into the dubbing game with their own studio including Vic Mignogna in a possible directorial role.

The news was announced in a stream this past weekend and has already begun work since 2021. In fact two anime movies will premiere at the convention this year, dubbed by the studio. Both Zip Shimezo and Genbanojo are quirky films for children, but everyone’s got to start somewhere. After all it was in the 90s and 2000s that companies like ADV and Funimation were dubbing “weird” shows like Excel Saga or Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi.

You can catch the stream where Anime Matsuri’s new dubbing projects were announced here.

In the same stream, the convention announced they would be opening a physical “anime bar” in the Houston area. In recent years, Anime Matsuri has been flexing its reach and influence with side projects such as these. Fans have been critical of the project after learning the dubbing studio’s address appears to be a vacant lot in Houston. However physical studios have grown less relevant, especially with the recent strides made in telework during the recent pandemic; one of the voice actors for the new dubbing studio allegedly recorded their lines from their home in the Netherlands.

While other companies like Sentai Filmworks have been able to give the Funiroll amalgamation a run for its money, we’re curious to see where Anime Matsuri will go with their latest endeavor.

Anime Matsuri is the second largest anime convention in America and has hosted famous guests such as former AV idol Kaho Shibuya. The convention will run from July 28 to the 31.

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