Anime localizers to replace translations with Twitch emotes

Don't Toy With Me Miss Pogatoro

Crunchyroll has announced their plan to replace all English translations with a series of “contextually appropriate” Twitch emotes.

“Due to the success of our localized translations by true anime fans. We’ve decided to take the next step in ensuring our product remains culturally relevant in the west by replacing any and all translations with Twitch emotes.” said one executive from CrispySushi. He then goes on to explain:

“In one scene from Don’t Toy With Me, Miss Nagatoro. Someone from our localization team pointed out that the phrase ‘Omoshiroi’ could just be replaced with the phrase ‘Poggers’. But we decided to take it a step further and just use the emote instead, that way we can use the same translation for multiple languages.”

“Some of our viewers might disagree with the direction we’re headed in. To that, we can only say that we don’t want you as our audience.”

When asked about the dub, we were shown the script for the series finale of Attack on Titan. It was one page and contained the phrase “feelsbadman” repeated approximately 120 times.

Viewers can begin watching these new and updated translations when they begin this month with I Got a Poggers Skill in Another World, and Got to Keep it KEKW.


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