Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer Preview, 7-11 and Monster Hunter Collaborations Revealed

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We received new information for Nintendo’s upcoming Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer, via a new preview on Famitsu.

In the game you play as a new employee of Nook’s Homes and your job is to propose designs for the houses of various animal residents that come to visit. A long staple of the Animal Crossing series, Happy Home Designer takes the design aspect and expands upon it allowing you to enjoy a deeper experience.

From selecting your plot to designing the interior, obsess over coordinating every aspect of a home.

Listen to the desires of the residents, select a plot, choose how the outside of the house will look, the interior, and even the yard. You’ll be able to design every aspect of the house. Use the touch-screen to easily arrange the furniture.

Contribute to the development of the town, manage large facilities.

Not just houses, but you’ll be able to get involved with schools, hospitals, restaurants and other big developments as well. Building public facilities will also bring more people to your town.

Add to your experience with Animal Crossing amiibo cards.

Sold separately, touch the amiibo cards to the sensor and the character on the card will visit you in the game. For example, you can have a party with just your favorite residents or create other various situations that you haven’t been able to do up until now. The first run of the physical version will include a special amiibo card as well.

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Pre-orders of the digital version include a free Happy Home Designer 3DS theme.

Available exclusively to pre-orders of the digital version, a special Happy Home Designer 3DS theme will be available to download for free until August 31st, 2015 after which it will be available to purchase as a separate download.

Original collaboration characters and items available soon.

Available from July 30th to September 30th, visit any 7-11 convenience store in Japan, connect to their 7-Spot with your 3DS and receive a special original character, 7-Go. 7-Go will come to you wanting to build a new house that looks like a convenience store, and accepting his request will add many original items to your catalog allowing you to build your own.

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Happy Home Designer is doing a special collaboration with Monster Hunter that includes Felyne characters and special items as well. More details about this promotion will be revealed at a later time.

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Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer and 3DS NFC Reader/Writer Set available on July 30th.

Set to go on sale on July 30th for ¥5400, the Happy Home Designer NFC set includes the game, a random Animal Crossing amiibo card, and the NFC reader/writer.

For those with a New 3DS/3DS LL, you simply touch the amiibo card to the bottom screen, but for normal 3DS/3DS LL owners you’ll need the NFC reader/writer. For those that don’t already have an NFC reader/writer this set will be the best value.

Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer set to go on sale in Japan on July 30th (Both physical and download versions costing you ¥4320). Us westerners will get the game on September 25th in North America, and in Europe on October 2nd, 2015. Finally, our European fans will also get a complimentary amiibo card with the game.



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