The Angry Birds now have pronouns

Angry Birds Pronouns

If you were curious on what to call the birds from the 2009 hit mobile game, now you know, as Rovio confirmed what some of the bird’s pronouns were.

The social media for Angry Birds has shared the image above, which described the pronouns for Stella, the pink bird, Red, the iconic protagonist of the franchise, and Jo, the new non-binary bird, who is rumored to show up in The Angry Birds Movie 3.

You can read their Facebook post below:

Personal pronouns are just nouns you can use to refer to people instead of their names!

Lots of languages have gendered pronouns, so sometimes it’s worth specifying what pronouns work for you!

(Fun fact: Finnish doesn’t have gendered pronouns! Hän on vain hän!)

If you’re not sure what pronouns to use for someone, you can always ask! and if you slip up and use the wrong ones, it’s not the end of the world. Just apologize, correct yourself, and continue with your great conversation. 😊

What are your pronouns?

The Angry Birds Movie 3 is set to come out at some point in 2024, so make sure to memorize their pronouns just to make sure a faux pas won’t happen, after all, it’s important.



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