Angels in the Sky is So Pretty, Your iPhone Will Probably Melt

There’s always a thrill of knowing something big that no one else is supposed to know. Some big news, an unexpected event, a positive energy, always brings about excitement. Though the most irritating part is not telling anyone until it happens. In this case though, a massive cataclysm is about to unfold that will turn the Earth to dust. You just discovered it but now you are being hunted by aliens who wish to carry out doomsday.

Angels in the Sky is the first game to fully utilize the Unreal Engine 4 on mobile devices; the next generation of the legendary code that has powered hundreds of titles over the last generation of systems.  This allows for unprecedented effects, both in visuals and in audio, with high quality textures and sounds.  Featured above, you can see just that with a newly released gameplay trailer for the game.

In AiS, players are the tail gunners of a special scout ship. Since the aliens have been alerted to your plans, you race across the Grand Canyon in an effort to warn everyone about the nefarious plans of the aliens. AiS is a tail gunner. You use the touch screen to fire your weapons on as many enemies as possible before you reach your destination. You are ranked for points and credits to upgrade your weapon systems.

Angels in the Sky is currently available on all iOS platforms, which include iPhones, iPod Touch, and iPads on the App Store. The game has been developed by AimToG Co. Ltd., and you can check out the main page here and their Facebook page as well.

Time to cover your tail!



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