Angelic☆Chaos RE-BOOT! got banned from Steam

Angelic☆Chaos RE-BOOT!

Yet another visual novel with an anime-style aesthetic has been banned on Steam, this time with Yuzusoft’s Angelic☆Chaos RE-BOOT! being the target.

Steam previously delisted the game from its platform, as the page can no longer be accessed. It wasn’t clear why the game was delisted, until now.

The visual novel is the latest of developer Yuzusoft, and publisher NekoNyan released a statement covering the situation:

As noted by NekoNyan, the game was allegedly the all-ages version.

Steam has a long history of unfairly banning visual novels of both the adult and tame varieties, even just titles with an anime aesthetic in general. Despite this, there are mainstream games with full nudity/sex allowed on the platform.

Angelic☆Chaos RE-BOOT! follows Tanikaze Riku as he meets an angel who is looking for the reincarnation of the Demon Lord, who happens to be the protagonist.

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