Musical metroidvania game ANATINE gets new publisher Astrolabe Games


Pixel Trash has announced Astrolabe Games will be the publisher for ANATINE, their pixelated metroidvania game with musical elements.

ANATINE will be published by Astrolabe when it launches for PC via Steam and unannounced consoles, though a release date wasn’t announced.

Here’s a rundown on the game, plus a new trailer:

When an ancient evil pushes the world towards the brink of destruction, a brave individual is destined to rise from the crumbling ruins. Demons, the undead and other corrupted creatures roam the land of Avenis, feasting on the continent’s living. Armed with a flute and a longsword, our duck boy must find a way to sweep away all this filth once and for all.

Classic Metroidvania

A classic metroidvania experience with large-scale, diverse, complex and interesting maps. In this mysterious world, you will constantly find yourself drawn to well-curated encounters in all sorts of unexpected places. The richly detailed and vast maps means that everyone’s adventure is unique.

A Brave Duck Showing Off His Skills in a Lost World!

This is Avenis, a mysterious land of treasures and bloodshed. As he travels through Avenis, Duck boy will jump, swing, dodge, and go wherever he pleases. Nobody knows how many different kinds of weapons he can master, or how much power is contained within his flute! With some help from friendly creatures and ancient scrolls, Duck boy will learn many different magics that can be performed with his flute. He will also gain a variety of weapons and accessories throughout his adventure, each of them potentially altering his battle style and strategy.

Duck Boy’s Secret Weapon: The Magic Flute

The flute’s magic holds the key to Avenis’ secrets. Rumor has it that by playing the right music, one can establish communication with the entire world. Some songs have the power to restore life; others brim with crackling energy, letting Duck boy go on the offensive. Often, he will have to think hard about how to progress, as the way forward isnt always clear, and magic songs can have more than one application. Duck boy will use up his energy when he plays the flute, so it’s important to finish the song before it’s completely depleted. The enemies won’t go easy on him!

Diverse Enemies, Different Landscapes!

The world contains a variety of environments and landscapes, as the corruption is manifested in unique ways for different enemies. Duck boy will take the fight in ten different locales such as the Ever-Autumn Forest, the Forgotten Grave, and the Poisoned Ruins. Each locale features a unique ecology with a diverse collection of cursed creatures. To help restore the land, Duck boy will also have to defeat the bosses that guard each locale—the Eidolons —watch out for those behemoths!

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