Amplitude is Launching for PlayStation 4 on January 5, 2016

Harmonix has confirmed the release date for their upcoming Amplitude remake on PlayStation 4.

The game will be launching for PlayStation 4 on January 5th of next year. Amplitude will cost $19.99.Alongside the news of the game’s home console release is the launch trailer, which you can view above.

Finally, Harmonix also confirmed the game’s final tracklist, which you can view below:

  • “All The Time” – C418
  • “Assault on Psychofortress” – Single White Infidel
  • “Astrosight” – Inter:sect Ft. Noelle LeBlanc & Naoko Takamoto
  • “Break for Me” – James Landino Ft. Noelle LeBlanc
  • “Concept” – Symbion Project
  • “Crazy Ride” – Insomniac Games
  • “Crypteque (1-2)” – Danny Baranowsky
  • “Crystal” – George & Jonathan
  • “Dalatecht” – Harmonix
  • “Decode Me” – Inter:sect Ft. Noelle LeBlanc & Naoko Takamoto
  • “Digital Paralysis” – Harmonix
  • “Do Not Retreat” – Komputer Kontroller
  • “Dreamer” – Harmonix
  • “Energize” – Harmonix
  • “Entomophobia” – M-Cue
  • “Force Quit” – Jim Guthrie
  • “Human Love” – Harmonix
  • “I.C.U.” – Harmonix
  • “Impossible” – Darren Korb
  • “Lights” – Wolfgun
  • “Magpie” – Harmonix
  • “Muze (Amplitude Remix)” – Ingrid Lukas, Remix by Patrik Zosso and Nik Bärtsch
  • “Perfect Brain” – Harmonix
  • “Phantoms” – Freezepop
  • “Recession” – Jeff Allen Ft. Noelle LeBlanc & Naoko Takamoto
  • “Red Giant” – Kodomo
  • “Supraspatial” – Jeff Allen Ft. Naoko Takamoto
  • “Synthesized” – Symbion Project
  • “Unfinished Business” – Shiohito Taki & Junichi Kamiunten
  • “Wayfarer” – Harmonix
  • “Wetware” – Harmonix

If you backed the game on Kickstarter at the $40 tier or higher, you won’t have to wait until the 5th – you’ll get the game two weeks earlier, on December 23rd. The game will also be playable at this year’s PlayStation Experience. If you play the game at the event, you’ll get an exclusive dynamic theme for PS4 – and the first 100 winners each day will get a rare foil version of the Amplitude PlayStation Experience trading card.



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  1. Dom The Elegy
    Dom The Elegy
    December 2, 2015 at 11:22 am

    I love Frequency and Amplitude. The setlist isn’t really telling me much aside from the fact that they seem to have done a lot of the music in house. Freezepop are back which is nice, but I’ll wait and see how the rest holds up.

  2. pantsonadog
    December 2, 2015 at 12:44 pm

    I thought this was the game that had Anamanaguchi doing the soundtrack? Am I thinking of a different game or did something happen during development?