AMD announces Ryzen lineup for mobile with too many different architectures at CES 2023


AMD Mobile Lineup 7000 Series CPUs Thumbnail

AMD has officially announced their new lineup of mobile CPUs to match alongside their 7000 Ryzen series which has been available for desktops.

Unfortunately, the lineup contains a large quantity of different architectures the company has designed over the past year.

The CPUs are based across a range of their Zen2, Zen3, Zen3+ and Zen4 architectures, and those which contain integrated graphics run with either Vega, RDNA2 and RDNA3 graphics.

That said, the highlights include the Ryzen 7040 and 7045, which are based on their latest Zen4 architectures. They are built as powerful options for gamers, but in a small thin package for ultra-thin laptops.

The higher end models with the 7045 has up to 16 cores and a boost clock of 5.4 GHz. Three laptop models have been confirmed by AMD to carry this new tech.

The confirmed laptops include: are the ASUS ROG Strix, Lenovo Legion series, and the Alienware m16 and m18. They all can contain up to the highest end in the Ryzen 7945HX at a TDP of 55-75 watts.

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